Jul. 7th, 2010

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wow. sorry it's been so long, i left for three weeks without internet as of the...thirteenth. i'm back though, so yeah. haha. it was the best three weeks of my entire life so far, gah...i met so many people who i am pretty sure are gonna be my best friends until i die, and i met a ginger named elan who i promptly fell in love with...he had dreads. we raptor called and he smiled at me the last day, so it has to count for something. at least my term book was signed with his fancy, gingery signature. but those who i did talk to i love. like my roomie jordan, the coolest roomie ever, who makes the best tribal calls and sings a great song called "fly my chick" and everything else. haha. and then logan, (who is also a girl, kthnx) who has a pervertedness and an obsession with england. she lives in america yet spells like "favouritre" and "realise" which my itouch spell check is trying to fix >.< then mackenzie, the seemingly emo kid who likes to pop lock and drop it in hippie dresses and make sex noises. and jessica, who says "charleston" with a funny accent and who doesn't understand any of us. and she likes flippy-hair-man. and then ami man, (ami being our invented plural of amish) who we call this because of his strange findings on hippie skirts and other attire from the 1800s, who was actually an rc, but once we asked him what glazba was he replied with the fact that he liked to be different and told us to hail satan. that didn't bother me. i don't care about religion. it's been blown out of proportion. it was funny anyway. and all the other arousing conversations we had with everyone...it was fucking amazing. i'm happy to be home and not sleeping in my dorm bed, but i miss talking to jordan right now and texting logan and mackenzie nearly breaking our door down in the morning. and I'm listening to the mars volta at this time, which will always make me think of this summer because during a "music discussion" we played it (or ami man did) and everyone loved it. so.
and lest we forget there was a ta that looked like eric foreman. and he wore girls shorts one day. don't ask for me to explain.
so yeah. i'll have to get my life back. but i wanna see my friends before next summer. hopefully i'll go back then ^.^ so. fucking awesome three weeks. i wish there was just one more week of wonderhogs and wanting to kill paris and future car and gingers and pokemon theme songs and good music and bad food but cool vending machines and laundry and elevators to the sixth floor and the quad and harry potter trials and everything else...sigh.
it was a good time.


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