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dies. anyway. it's been awhile, hmm? yeah, well it has o.o school started, joyous days. i don't have to take stupid government class, amen. but chemistry is a bitch and i will always dislike math, so. there's no point in talking about something that isn't and never will be new :/ let's see. i'm mastering html coding, learning graphics; at least ps elements 6.0. it came with my bamboo fun tablet, and it's pretty nice. also drawing more. i got some microns, a .005, it does wonders. my god. i can add all the details in the world. still sticking to non-realistic portraits. hmm. i'm afraid of proportion, sue me. fuck.

i've been singing lately. which is so weird. but i dunno, i guess coming from an uneducated standpoint i'm not horrible, i can hold long notes, for real, and get kind of deep. i have a vibrato...something falsetto-ish, but i can't tell. i've just been singing you'll never know by versaemerge over and over. so yeah. i don't know, really. but that's how it is lately. expect some graphics dumps. OH. and i've been testing the FNTM-waters, like, sim competitions on youtube? they're all really good, but i haven't gotten in. something you learn after awhile in sim-ranking things, is that in each playing field, everyone is looking for different sims. in the exchange, you can go simpler. in youtube, they want realistic, fancy-jawed girls. in the flickr/forum community, good editing and frankensteining plus a killer gorgeous, wins-over-anyone-and-any-crowd sim wins. i don't know. i'll move up the charts. slowly but steadily...

anyway. i need to go wrap up this ic-box chat. there's life lately :3
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so. i come with gifts today :D

i was just messing around and shit on fysierrakusterbeck (the tumblr) and then i had all these pictures and had to make icons out of them. it was going to be like, 4, but then it progressed to eight...all of sierra...SEE THOSE SEXY THINGS AFTER THE CUT.

buried myself inside your neck. )
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wow. sorry it's been so long, i left for three weeks without internet as of the...thirteenth. i'm back though, so yeah. haha. it was the best three weeks of my entire life so far, gah...i met so many people who i am pretty sure are gonna be my best friends until i die, and i met a ginger named elan who i promptly fell in love with...he had dreads. we raptor called and he smiled at me the last day, so it has to count for something. at least my term book was signed with his fancy, gingery signature. but those who i did talk to i love. like my roomie jordan, the coolest roomie ever, who makes the best tribal calls and sings a great song called "fly my chick" and everything else. haha. and then logan, (who is also a girl, kthnx) who has a pervertedness and an obsession with england. she lives in america yet spells like "favouritre" and "realise" which my itouch spell check is trying to fix >.< then mackenzie, the seemingly emo kid who likes to pop lock and drop it in hippie dresses and make sex noises. and jessica, who says "charleston" with a funny accent and who doesn't understand any of us. and she likes flippy-hair-man. and then ami man, (ami being our invented plural of amish) who we call this because of his strange findings on hippie skirts and other attire from the 1800s, who was actually an rc, but once we asked him what glazba was he replied with the fact that he liked to be different and told us to hail satan. that didn't bother me. i don't care about religion. it's been blown out of proportion. it was funny anyway. and all the other arousing conversations we had with everyone...it was fucking amazing. i'm happy to be home and not sleeping in my dorm bed, but i miss talking to jordan right now and texting logan and mackenzie nearly breaking our door down in the morning. and I'm listening to the mars volta at this time, which will always make me think of this summer because during a "music discussion" we played it (or ami man did) and everyone loved it. so.
and lest we forget there was a ta that looked like eric foreman. and he wore girls shorts one day. don't ask for me to explain.
so yeah. i'll have to get my life back. but i wanna see my friends before next summer. hopefully i'll go back then ^.^ so. fucking awesome three weeks. i wish there was just one more week of wonderhogs and wanting to kill paris and future car and gingers and pokemon theme songs and good music and bad food but cool vending machines and laundry and elevators to the sixth floor and the quad and harry potter trials and everything else...sigh.
it was a good time.
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ahh. well. it's a new month already. hmm. and i love radiohead. aahah. i did beforehand, but since i've gotten more into vocals and singing, thom yorke has a stunning range. i mean, he has this crazy falsetto/vibrato shit going on, and he makes his...like...i don't know what they'd be exactly, but maybe his D notes come out so clearly. that's kind of where my range starts becoming...difficult. i can hit them up to maybe an F, (maybe!) but they need some work. iunno. i'd really love some help in that area. hahah XD it's always been something i wanna be better at, you know? i like music. the only two instruments i've got are the piano and my voice >D in fact, i spent about an hour doing finger exercises yesterday. hah. my left hand is kind of a dud with the piano some times.

so. let's see. i...am going to some school-summer thing soon. i'm pumped, honestly. i nearly murdered myself studying for the ACT i had to take to even get in, but i got in and i won't have to take it to keep taking the course in the future years, if you get me? i won't have interwebz or anything, and imma have a shitload of dvr-ed shows to watch when i get back, but i would love to meet some new people and have a roomate ^.^ i hope i didn't shoot down my chances of getting someone cool by saying i hate justin beiber (is that right? i dun fucking care) and i have an obsession for nine inch nails, but yeah. hopefully no XD BY THE WAY, how to destroy angels is lovely. one, it's trent and his wife. in a band. adorable, hahaha. mariqueen really has lovely vocals and can go low/lightly high enough for the type of ambiance m.t. reznor makes for all of us, so yeah. i'm happy to hear he hasn't killed off nin, or i would be dead by now DX this is a good, strong side project slash new idea from him, and their first single, "a drowning" is an amazing example of how he can just meld into in situation and feeling with his music. I SAY ALL THIS AS I HAVE PARANOID ANDROID ON REPEAT. whuddup with that.

i have no idea why i'm lying in my bed while my brother is watching beetlejuice. that's an amazing movie, thank you, and alec baldwin is basically unrecognizable; he's so skinny. haaah :3 he came back from school for a hit and brought his ps3 and street fighter! YEAH-YUH. ken masters all the way. all the way. go to youtube and look up "good morning, mr. masters". it's hysterically true XD and, did i mention up until yesterday i had never read any harry potter books? well...up until...last tuesday. finished the first in three days and i'm onto the second. the future looks grim; my brother hated the ending of the last book so much he got rid of it and hated the rest of the series too XP not to mention the whole family had to deal with his rants about it. ahaha. my hand hurts, and pokemon is tomorrow. plus i needa get mothers day plans together, ooh XD hehe.
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hmm. as peculiar as it sounds, i haven't had much to say as of late. but. i am considering making a legacy of sorts, since i just got in game today for the actual game, and i have a lovely adult alien who i stole off a community lot and added to my family courtesy of the insimenator. yes, really. and she just grew up, so. i'm stuck between whether or not to just go for the exchange way or what. i probably will, then i can shamelessly plug this shit here, but maybe i'll do some small one here. cause then i can get dirty and stuff. that's the way. lawl. ahaha. that sounded bad XD i've also been busy working on some DOWNLOADS WHUT. yes. seriously. i figure since i'm trying to curb mine, i'll just make them! mostly clothes and maybe hair things >.> since it's easy and shizz. and working with the skin blending, but it's fucking hard stuff sometimes, yeah? well, just know when i get things done, they'll go here first thing ^.^

what else. haha. i'm working on some...surreal elephant watercolor, an augustus caesar paper - which is crazy, i love that guy but he did so much. srslyman, you have no idea. and what else. i got my envy on the coast hoooodie. i love it. it's so soft O.O and it's pretty, and i wish i could see them or the dear hunter live but they play in such shit parts of town, man. or they're shit at night/dusk, and i just am weary. it's such a gorgeous, small, old venue with amazing sound, but it's just kind of difficult. maybe i'm just a worrier. an excessive one. i fail.

and yes, my icon today is marilyn manson. i never realized how i love coma white and i felt he fit with my icon collection somewhat. he is kind of inspiring and has concepts, he just scares your parents. and small children. and anything religious. don't mistake me for some goth because i expressed this, though. shh. i've been trying to make a gif small enough for upload, jesus christ. 40 KB is not easy to achieve. we'll see. i'll update soon with some of my new sims. or pictures of them, ooh. and with some bodyshop previews of things. but those may take a little longer >.> and, a reminder, GLEE IS TOMORROW, maybe it won't be infested with rachel berry and it may be a little better than the last.
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so. i've decided to review glee. yep, that's correct. glee. i know this is entry after entry and tedious, but, since the whole world is in love with glee, i figured i would record it. and about an hour ago i watched it. thus, my review begins...

of course, as expected by the various promos they've had, glee is about...well, your glee club. it's an original idea, that's +10 points for them, and hey. who doesn't love highschool, hormonal kids, and love triangles, yes? uh-huh. that's what i said too >.< that's the plot for you, all aside from the band of misfits and jocks they have all shoved into one small glee club. you know what this means? imma make a character chart! this was my first episode of the show, bear with me if some stuff is just an observation. okay, gleeks?

will: WHO'S THE LEADER OF THE BAND?! bad pun. uh, anyway, he conducts this glee nonsense (XP kidding) and is in love with emma, the ocd-counselor girl, after he broke up with his previous wife. yep. love triangle there, kiddies. be warned. he seems to have no objections to steamy scenes with various women, but he's an interesting guy and he reminds me of david boreanaz so fucking much. srslyman. he picks these themes for them every week, and this time it was hello (oh! good one!) and he tried to help finn "find himself" or whatever this time around. he's the one who has to find SOMETHING, to be quite honest >.>

sue: crazy coach lady who adds so much comedy to the show with the way she hates will, honestly. and not to mention i thought the whole snippet/preview for next week was hilarious with her doing it XD she's out to sabotage the club and tries to do so by severing finn&rachel's preciously annoying relationship this time, with two dumb cheerleaders helping. and, SPOILER HERE, it works for all of a few seconds. hmm. she apparently has a love for madonna, this'll be seen next week, yes? she's hard on people and bribed the principal to give her the coaching job for the 'cheerios' and is a snake in grass. or, not so in the grass, ahaha.

rachel: i actually am not biased. for i am named rachel, and she spells her name like mine for once! haha. about her though...she's dating finn (see below) who actually seems annoyed by her the whole time just because he's a jock and his social status matters and she's too annoying and chatty and secretly has a big ego complex that isn't horribly apparent, but somewhat visible by her...drama queen attitude. eh, well. glee club, i guess i cannot blame her. she's apparently the prodigy of the females in the club since all i can ever hear is her when they sing, and i think her actress, lea michele, over-acts the character. just my opinion. i know she's quite the emotional girl, but i just feel like it's somewhat...awkward. there's not really a word that comes to mind.

finn: the confused sports-guy who is dating rachel (above). in this episode we realize he is struggling with a bad break up/deal with a cheerleader named quinn (she'll come later) and having to put up with rachel is a serious handful, i see this. he 'breaks up' per say, with her *cough*shedumpshimkindof*cough* and it's pretty obvious he cares what people think of him. he's kind of a stiff and looks upset a lot, but i think he's kind of cute and later on he loosens up and finally almost admits that yes, he does care about the social side of the relationship, but he's still reeling from this past one. whatever, finn. his actor doesn't annoy me. his character is just confused, or so i assume, and i guess that's why he looks it, too.

quinn: preggers girl that is blatantly upsetting finn with dating puck (the frequent counterpart to finn in fanfics and apparently there's teams with them too) all the while. she's a cheerleader, or was until she did get pregnant, who really said absolutely nothing in this episode, hence, i do not get why people obsess over her. hmm. i bet she has something against rachel since she probably likes finn still and you know how that goes. the 'i'm-not-a-loser-why-am-i-in-the-glee-club' kind of girl. or, in my opinion ;D

puck: quinn's lover and proabably her baby dad. boyfriend to finn secretly fellow jock of finn's and stuff like that. yep. seldom says much, apparently, i've heard he's jewish, another 'i'm-not-a-loser-why-am-i-in-the-glee-club' type of guys, once again, i do not understand why people obsess/love/want to sex him. seriously! hopefully he talks more next time.

the rest: well, they go nowhere else since everyone aside from finn and rachel say absolutely nothing, obviously (i hope not) and you can't hear them sing over rachel's squeaky, loud voice. not a bad one, just loud. there's mercedes, the seemingly blunt/honest kind of happy, spunky girl, then there's a guy in a wheelchair a.k.a. the classic really nerdy nerd, a black and blue haired punk chick, a cute little chris colfer (he is, okay? mostly his character) gay guy, or i think he is, who delivered one or two lines the whole time but one of them was funny, then a few others and their nonsense, all overshadowed by this episode's selected stars. or something.

overall, the show is good - they use the oldies and update them, commendable, right? it is annoying how people think they wrote don't stop believing, which, f.y.i., naive gleeks, is by journey. i like it, i'll follow it from now on, but i'm not obsessive and i can't say if i'd buy a whole season's dvd. i came in at the start of the second season and i still understood the ideas and people, which i think is great, so that's a plus. rachel annoys the hell out of me and i wish they didn't focus on her like crazy, i hope everyone else gets their own share of drama. i like will's character and like i said earlier, sue is FUNNY STUFF GUIZ, 10 points there. if i had to rate it, i'd say...4/4 and a half stars, not five just yet. i think they were just trying to come out with a bang after last year's reception and awards, for that matter, so they might have overdone the love and crap. it's a good show and i recommend it, just keep things even and don't always thrive on love drama and cheerleaders getting pregnant, (surprise surprise, more teen pregnancy and it drives me insane) then we're all good! haah. so, go record next week's glee, it looks to be worthwhile, and i'm gonna go hop into bodyshop now. just got some lipsticks i've been dying to find and time on my hands. whee :3
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word. haha. my titles later on will be far more cryptic and dark and stupid shit like that but when i listen to lady gaga i use extra vowels and things. lawl~

so. i have no idea why i'm writing this. but iunno. i liek looking at my pretty icons and picking them and making them. and you know what? this journal will have 21% (yep, twenty one. even numbers scare me) more crazy and ramble, cause this is ipod enabled, yep. i am writing this on it. that's the only way you can combine 'hot one' from velvet goldmine (/dies) and a journal entry. i'm telling you. it's true. so. expect sims things. considering i feel bad lately, sinus infections and more, and i've been hanging around taking this really pretty antibiotic that makes me feel...uh, well. high-ish and psycho, and stuff, there will be unnatural rambles. you don't live in my house, or not now when i'm alone at certain times and start singing lady gaga and bowie and adam lambert :OO OMFG WHUTWHUTWHUT. yeahh. glambert, kiddies. it's just for your entertainment, okay >.> he's all sparkly and it's kind of cute. ahaha. one of those secret obsessions? i swear, the only random modern crap i like. i hate ke$ha whateverhernameis and her guts, don't even start with me on miley cyrus/anyone who used to act on disney and can suddenly sing (apparently vice versa too, if you know what i mean in particular >.<) and justin beiber just scares the hell out of me and sounds like roadkill. yes, roadkill.

yeah. i expected this day of being a bodyshop whore, but no. my plan was ruined because my dad hogged the desktop forever and i NEED IT o.o blah. it has everything sim on it. hahaah. speaking of which, aiden made it into her desired competition :'D i'm fucking pumped. liek. yeah. WORD. lulz. anyway, no promises, since i chose to write my research paper on augustus caesar and tomorrow i get started at the library. yes. augustus, octavian, just not julius, no no. he is by far the greatest and caused the pax romana to ensue. then again, once his 'reign', per say, was over, the fall kind of started, which i regret, but it was him and alexander the great. dayum. no, srsly. i was on the fence as to whether the latter was roman enough though, so. i went for the guy who got a month named after him. although this wasn't my reason, mind you .___.

uh. so. i ordered a lovely envy on the coast hoodie yesterday ^.^ i will do a happydance when it's mailed to me. andand things are falling into place. hmm. expect actual, non-rambleblog posts sooner or later. hopefully sooner. meh. this journal is going to be ridiculously huge. my apologies.
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meh. out of ideas for titles.

jesus. i've had this around for awhile now and i configured things to my liking and i will use it! mwhaha. it'll be full of rambles and funtiemz and pokemon and sims and pretty boys sims >.> i say sims. yeah. i'll make shit and it will go here and whee.



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