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dies. anyway. it's been awhile, hmm? yeah, well it has o.o school started, joyous days. i don't have to take stupid government class, amen. but chemistry is a bitch and i will always dislike math, so. there's no point in talking about something that isn't and never will be new :/ let's see. i'm mastering html coding, learning graphics; at least ps elements 6.0. it came with my bamboo fun tablet, and it's pretty nice. also drawing more. i got some microns, a .005, it does wonders. my god. i can add all the details in the world. still sticking to non-realistic portraits. hmm. i'm afraid of proportion, sue me. fuck.

i've been singing lately. which is so weird. but i dunno, i guess coming from an uneducated standpoint i'm not horrible, i can hold long notes, for real, and get kind of deep. i have a vibrato...something falsetto-ish, but i can't tell. i've just been singing you'll never know by versaemerge over and over. so yeah. i don't know, really. but that's how it is lately. expect some graphics dumps. OH. and i've been testing the FNTM-waters, like, sim competitions on youtube? they're all really good, but i haven't gotten in. something you learn after awhile in sim-ranking things, is that in each playing field, everyone is looking for different sims. in the exchange, you can go simpler. in youtube, they want realistic, fancy-jawed girls. in the flickr/forum community, good editing and frankensteining plus a killer gorgeous, wins-over-anyone-and-any-crowd sim wins. i don't know. i'll move up the charts. slowly but steadily...

anyway. i need to go wrap up this ic-box chat. there's life lately :3
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hmm. as peculiar as it sounds, i haven't had much to say as of late. but. i am considering making a legacy of sorts, since i just got in game today for the actual game, and i have a lovely adult alien who i stole off a community lot and added to my family courtesy of the insimenator. yes, really. and she just grew up, so. i'm stuck between whether or not to just go for the exchange way or what. i probably will, then i can shamelessly plug this shit here, but maybe i'll do some small one here. cause then i can get dirty and stuff. that's the way. lawl. ahaha. that sounded bad XD i've also been busy working on some DOWNLOADS WHUT. yes. seriously. i figure since i'm trying to curb mine, i'll just make them! mostly clothes and maybe hair things >.> since it's easy and shizz. and working with the skin blending, but it's fucking hard stuff sometimes, yeah? well, just know when i get things done, they'll go here first thing ^.^

what else. haha. i'm working on some...surreal elephant watercolor, an augustus caesar paper - which is crazy, i love that guy but he did so much. srslyman, you have no idea. and what else. i got my envy on the coast hoooodie. i love it. it's so soft O.O and it's pretty, and i wish i could see them or the dear hunter live but they play in such shit parts of town, man. or they're shit at night/dusk, and i just am weary. it's such a gorgeous, small, old venue with amazing sound, but it's just kind of difficult. maybe i'm just a worrier. an excessive one. i fail.

and yes, my icon today is marilyn manson. i never realized how i love coma white and i felt he fit with my icon collection somewhat. he is kind of inspiring and has concepts, he just scares your parents. and small children. and anything religious. don't mistake me for some goth because i expressed this, though. shh. i've been trying to make a gif small enough for upload, jesus christ. 40 KB is not easy to achieve. we'll see. i'll update soon with some of my new sims. or pictures of them, ooh. and with some bodyshop previews of things. but those may take a little longer >.> and, a reminder, GLEE IS TOMORROW, maybe it won't be infested with rachel berry and it may be a little better than the last.


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