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word. haha. my titles later on will be far more cryptic and dark and stupid shit like that but when i listen to lady gaga i use extra vowels and things. lawl~

so. i have no idea why i'm writing this. but iunno. i liek looking at my pretty icons and picking them and making them. and you know what? this journal will have 21% (yep, twenty one. even numbers scare me) more crazy and ramble, cause this is ipod enabled, yep. i am writing this on it. that's the only way you can combine 'hot one' from velvet goldmine (/dies) and a journal entry. i'm telling you. it's true. so. expect sims things. considering i feel bad lately, sinus infections and more, and i've been hanging around taking this really pretty antibiotic that makes me feel...uh, well. high-ish and psycho, and stuff, there will be unnatural rambles. you don't live in my house, or not now when i'm alone at certain times and start singing lady gaga and bowie and adam lambert :OO OMFG WHUTWHUTWHUT. yeahh. glambert, kiddies. it's just for your entertainment, okay >.> he's all sparkly and it's kind of cute. ahaha. one of those secret obsessions? i swear, the only random modern crap i like. i hate ke$ha whateverhernameis and her guts, don't even start with me on miley cyrus/anyone who used to act on disney and can suddenly sing (apparently vice versa too, if you know what i mean in particular >.<) and justin beiber just scares the hell out of me and sounds like roadkill. yes, roadkill.

yeah. i expected this day of being a bodyshop whore, but no. my plan was ruined because my dad hogged the desktop forever and i NEED IT o.o blah. it has everything sim on it. hahaah. speaking of which, aiden made it into her desired competition :'D i'm fucking pumped. liek. yeah. WORD. lulz. anyway, no promises, since i chose to write my research paper on augustus caesar and tomorrow i get started at the library. yes. augustus, octavian, just not julius, no no. he is by far the greatest and caused the pax romana to ensue. then again, once his 'reign', per say, was over, the fall kind of started, which i regret, but it was him and alexander the great. dayum. no, srsly. i was on the fence as to whether the latter was roman enough though, so. i went for the guy who got a month named after him. although this wasn't my reason, mind you .___.

uh. so. i ordered a lovely envy on the coast hoodie yesterday ^.^ i will do a happydance when it's mailed to me. andand things are falling into place. hmm. expect actual, non-rambleblog posts sooner or later. hopefully sooner. meh. this journal is going to be ridiculously huge. my apologies.
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