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ahh. well. it's a new month already. hmm. and i love radiohead. aahah. i did beforehand, but since i've gotten more into vocals and singing, thom yorke has a stunning range. i mean, he has this crazy falsetto/vibrato shit going on, and he makes his...like...i don't know what they'd be exactly, but maybe his D notes come out so clearly. that's kind of where my range starts becoming...difficult. i can hit them up to maybe an F, (maybe!) but they need some work. iunno. i'd really love some help in that area. hahah XD it's always been something i wanna be better at, you know? i like music. the only two instruments i've got are the piano and my voice >D in fact, i spent about an hour doing finger exercises yesterday. hah. my left hand is kind of a dud with the piano some times.

so. let's see. i...am going to some school-summer thing soon. i'm pumped, honestly. i nearly murdered myself studying for the ACT i had to take to even get in, but i got in and i won't have to take it to keep taking the course in the future years, if you get me? i won't have interwebz or anything, and imma have a shitload of dvr-ed shows to watch when i get back, but i would love to meet some new people and have a roomate ^.^ i hope i didn't shoot down my chances of getting someone cool by saying i hate justin beiber (is that right? i dun fucking care) and i have an obsession for nine inch nails, but yeah. hopefully no XD BY THE WAY, how to destroy angels is lovely. one, it's trent and his wife. in a band. adorable, hahaha. mariqueen really has lovely vocals and can go low/lightly high enough for the type of ambiance m.t. reznor makes for all of us, so yeah. i'm happy to hear he hasn't killed off nin, or i would be dead by now DX this is a good, strong side project slash new idea from him, and their first single, "a drowning" is an amazing example of how he can just meld into in situation and feeling with his music. I SAY ALL THIS AS I HAVE PARANOID ANDROID ON REPEAT. whuddup with that.

i have no idea why i'm lying in my bed while my brother is watching beetlejuice. that's an amazing movie, thank you, and alec baldwin is basically unrecognizable; he's so skinny. haaah :3 he came back from school for a hit and brought his ps3 and street fighter! YEAH-YUH. ken masters all the way. all the way. go to youtube and look up "good morning, mr. masters". it's hysterically true XD and, did i mention up until yesterday i had never read any harry potter books? well...up until...last tuesday. finished the first in three days and i'm onto the second. the future looks grim; my brother hated the ending of the last book so much he got rid of it and hated the rest of the series too XP not to mention the whole family had to deal with his rants about it. ahaha. my hand hurts, and pokemon is tomorrow. plus i needa get mothers day plans together, ooh XD hehe.
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